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Welcome to bathroom Ideas Dublin it is hard to pick that perfect bathroom because there is so many different styles and ideas out there, well here at bathroom ideas Dublin we have come up with a few styles and ideas for you, to make picking your ideal bathroom a little bit easier for you get that perfect bathroom idea for you to remodel your bathroom.


Bathroom ideas Dublin giving you the best ideas for that perfect bathroom.

A few ideas to help you

  • Wooden look

Paint your bathroom walls white, this wooden bath will great in your bathroom it will really bring out the light, why not go with something different, with this beautiful wooden bath

  • Loft Bathroom

Why not have a spare bathroom in your loft, with a great free standing bath, in a traditional with bathroom

  • Grey Panelled

A grey and white coloured panelled bathroom

  •  Black and white tiled

A black and white tiled bathroom with a grey wooden pannell around your white free standing bath

  • Baby blue coloured,with white bath

With this baby blue coloured bathroom with white free standing bath will really make this a fine bathroom and really bring the light in.

Know we have giving you a few ideas on bathrooms hope we have made it easier for you in picking your perfect dream bathroom.

Bathroom Ideas Dublin helping you make that choice a little bit easier for you to pick that dream bathroom.

Bathroom Ideas Dublin hope we can help

As the bathroom can be one of the most of expensive rooms to do up, it can make or break a deal for when you are selling your home or buying a home. A lot of homeowners are looking for rooms that don’t need a lot of work, that is why doing up your bathroom you can get a massive impact on the value of your house, when you have a new bathroom. For ideas of what way you want your bathroom to be done, think first of what goes with you and the family and what works for your family.

The most popular ideas that people go for are the double bathroom sinks and the walk in showers, also what people go for are the over sized baths for that great comfort so you can relax and soak in the tub after a long hard days work, and bathroom storage are very popular too, also a cabinet fixed to the wall with mirror front, to put all your toiletries. This really goes with your bathroom. Look at what space you have, what materials are worth using and find away to add storage for beauty supplies and towels.There is nothing better than starting off your day with a refreshing splash of hot water, so why not get this amazing design for your bathroom, with a great large walk in shower with great lighting and glass doors, and with beautiful tan coloured tiles, the tan coloured tiles really makes this bathroom stand out and brings out the light great.

Bathroom lighting ideas, there is nothing dreamy than just having one light in your bathroom, why not have decorative lights, perimeter and dimmer lighting in your bathroom to really get the right mood in your bathroom to relax in, with different lighting in your bathroom it will really bring out the mood.

Bath ideas,  free standing baths with great room for that bit of extra comfort for you to relax in the the tub, you will not want to get out of, they come in a range of different styles and colours.

Sink ideas, the most popular sinks that people go for, for there bathrooms are the double sink basins,

Shower ideas, the most popular showers that people go for are the walk in showers, with glass doors, with sit down and with many different shower heads for that extra bit of comfort, for you to relax in.

A great lot of ideas for you, at bathroom ideas for your perfect dreamy bathroom look for you to soak the day away.










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